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Bronze Steampunk Octopus Monocle.

Bronze Steampunk Octopus Monocle/Monocular.

Created by BronzeSmith.

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Bronze Steampunk Octopus Monocle/Monocaler. Created and sold on Etsy by BronzeSmith.
Photograph credited to BronzeSmith.

From the mamer.

“This Bronze Steampunk Octopus Monocle is held in place with an adjustable leather cord and coated in a clear lacquer to preserve the finish. The lens is clear, so it can be worn without interfering with your vision. This is an image of the first one made. While future ones will be close, there will be minor variations…”

An elegant piece of facial steampunk jewellery. A perfect gift for a Victorian or steampunk cosplayer.

The Desert Lurker Post Apocalyptic Gas Mask & Helmet by DarkFutureShop.

Steampunk Baby Aviator Hat & Goggles.

Steampunk Halloween Gnome Art Doll Sculpture.

More from BronzeSmith.

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