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Cyborg Steampunk Bear Skull Wall Sculpture.

Cyborg Steampunk Bear Skull Wall Sculpture.

Created and made to order by Anna Lunina of Alive Steel.

“Our specialization is the creation of brutal beauty. Our calling is the taming of rebellious steel. Our goal is to revive the metal”.

Quoat from Anna Lunina’s shop front.

While building this steampunk sculpture, Anna Lunina used metal, copper, bronze, glass and many other mechanisms and decorative materials to create this fantastic piece of artwork of pure imagination.

The Steampunk Cybernetic Bear’s Scull Sculture will look incredible in any Steampunk or similarly themed store, office, workshop, and living space.

Please visit Anna Lunina’s Etsy Shop for full details.

More from Anna Lunina’s Etsy Shop Alive Steel.

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