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Agust’s Top-Selling Steampunk Fiction Book: The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency By Peter Oxley

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This month, the best-selling steampunk fiction book on is The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency By Peter Oxley.

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This month, the best-selling steampunk fiction book on is The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency By Peter Oxley.
The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency By Peter Oxley.

Welcome to London, 1868. The city is rife with danger, from thieving and murderous individuals to otherworldly demons that roam the streets.

Spencer and Bart, two of the most bumbling crooks in the city, find themselves in hot water as they’re pursued by both the law and their own criminal associates. In a desperate move, they decide to turn their lives around and start The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency.

But their newfound profession proves to be more treacherous than they anticipated, as they come face-to-face with demons, criminals, and malevolent magicians. Can they put a stop to the demonic infestation in London before it’s too late?

And what of the mysterious Tappers who abduct women from the streets for unknown purposes?

Can Spencer and Bart change their ways and become heroes, or will they succumb to their old habits?

Discover the thrilling tale of The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency, a standalone novel set in the Infernal Aether universe and written by Peter Oxley. If you enjoy gothic adventures with a touch of humour, this book is sure to captivate you.

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