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Lord Voldemort full costume with silicone mask.

This shop no longer operates. We have found a very similar Lord Voldemort Latex Mask and you can read all about it here!

I know this is not quite Steampunk, but I think it looks so cool I thought you my audience would love it.

Lord Voldemort’s full costume with a silicone mask.

Made to order by SaoCraftCo.

Lord Voldemort full costume with silicone mask.Made to order by SaoCraftCo.
Made to order by SaoCraftCo.

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From the maker.

The Lord Voldemort costume and mask has been skillfuly made using high quality matirials.
It includes the silicone mask the evil wizad’s glowing magic, the mantle or robe the finger nails, silicone glue for makeup and full instructions for use. Each costume will be custom made…

Addapted from the Microsoft translation on the UK version of the Artists Sales Page.

Please check here in-store for full details, including current price and delivery.

#ad Available here 👉🏿