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Mini Retro Vintage Style Robot Sculpture.

Mini Retro Robot Sculptures.

From BethsTinyThings.

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Mini Retro Robot Sculptures from BethsTinyThings.
Mini Retro Robot Sculptures from BethsTinyThings.*

The Classic”Retro Style” robot was born from the comic books and movie screen Sci-Fi serials of the 1940s and 1950s. They fit in well with the excellent aesthetics of the retro-futuristic dieselpunk subgenre of science fiction.

These tiny little vintage-style retro robot figures were intended for a toy vending company but didn’t entirely cut.

An ideal gift for the retro robot enthusiast and people who love small things in general.

Lens, The Miniature Doll’s Eye Robot.

Henry the Contemplative Robot Animated Steampunk Sculpture by Jim Casey.

Amazing Vintage Camera Robots by Paul McCue.

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