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Plague Doctor’s Steampunk Costume.

The clothing worn by plague doctors was intended to protect them from airborne diseases during outbreaks of bubonic plague in Europe. It is often seen as a symbol of death and disease. However, the costume was worn by a comparatively small number of late Renaissance and early modern physicians studying and treating plague patients.

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Full Plague Doctor’s Steampunk Costume.

By 4everstore.

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Plague Doctor Steampunk Costume by 4everstore.
Plague Doctor Steampunk Costume by 4everstore.

The Plague Doctor Steampunk Costume by 4everstore comes complete with the Plague Doctor’s Mask, Steampunk Hat, The Plague Dr’s Dress, Headcap, Neck Piece, Belt with Plague Doctor’s Bag, Vegan Leather Gloves and a Holding Cane.

Dress in full steampunk style for this Halloween and other occasions.

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The Steampunk Plague Doctor Long Nose Bird Mask by Outcast Props.

Post-Apocalypse Steampunk Plague Doctor Sculpture.

Steampunk Leather Plague Doctor Mask.

Steampunk Halloween Gnome Art Doll Sculpture.

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