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Reciprocating Chronometer Clock Kit by Steampunk Inventions.

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Reciprocating Chronometer Clock Kit.

Created by Steamhead Inventions.

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This is one of Steampunk Inventions’ favourite inventions, “as it turns the really simple and mundane task of telling the time on its head! “Why have a boring circular clock when you can impress your friends and amaze your enemies with a Reciprocating Chronometer?”

“As with all true steampunk machines, the Reciprocating Chronometer is over-complicated, employing several intriguing mechanisms to display the time on an hour dial that doesn’t go all the way around, with AM and PM being mechanically displayed through a lens. It has a beautiful polished wooden base, a brass (coloured) body and mechanisms, clear laser engraved legends, a brass chain, counterweights and even a lens and spirit level!”

Steampunk Inventions.

The Reciprocating Chronometer Clock Kit by Steampunk Inventions is a great gift idea for steampunk people who love building stuff. You can also get one for yourself while you’re at it, lol!

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