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Shrine Of Hollywood’s Victorian Gothic Costume Clothing.

Owned by Peter Graham, Shrine Of Hollywood prides itself in making high-quality costumes and clothing in gothic and victorian styles.

Shrine Of Hollywood makes their beautiful garments in their Losangeles Wherehouse. At the time of publication, all these clothing items, along with many more feathered in their Etsy Shop, are available and ready to ship worldwide.

Here are some of Shrine Of Hollywood’s most incredible Victorian and Gothic-style clothing and costumes.

Women’s Coats.

Men’s Coats & Jackets.

Women’s Tops.

Men’s Shirts.


Men’s Trousers.




We hope you enjoyed our little window shopping post on Shrine Of Hollywood’s Victorian Gothic Costume Clothing. These are just a small selection of the hundreds of Victorian and gothic styles of costumes and clothing. You can check out their full range of attire here!

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