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Steampunk, cyborg, or borg mask.

Steampunk, cyborg, or borg mask 1
Steampunk Cyberpunk borg style mask 3
Steampunk, cyborg, or borg mask 3

Steampunk, cyborg, or borg mask.

Created and sold by Richard Symons Art.

These masks are made using resin, plastic, and ribbon. No staps are needed as the user can apply the mask using wig tape or wig glue.

Learn more on the Etsy shop page.

Does this have a place in Steampunk?

Some may disagree, but what we have to remember is that Steampunk is makebelieve. Therefore, open to interpretation.

To me, Richard Symons stuff aesthetically fits into the steampunk genre, and always looks neat.

More gfreat stuff from Richard Symons Art.

Products on Amazon U.K.

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