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Steampunk Octopus/Kraken cufflinks & tie pin.

Steampunk Octopus/Kraken cufflinks & tie pin.

By Cosmic Firefly.

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Steampunk Octopus/Kraken cufflinks & tie pin. 1
Steampunk Octopus/Kraken cufflinks & tie pin. 2
Steampunk Octopus/Kraken cufflinks & tie pin. 3

“Captain Nemo of the Nautilus has requested your company at the formal Captain’s Ball on Saturday night. You don’t want to disappoint so you graciously accept knowing you’ll have the chance to show off your fantastic new silver Octopus Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set…”

From the original Etsy Listing by Cosmic Firefly

The artisans at Cosmic Firefly of Las Vegas have handcrafted these Nautical-Victorian Steampunk Octopus Cufflink and Tie-Pin set.

All images are credited to Cosmic Firefly and are displayed here with permission granted to Etsy and us, Etsy’ affiliate partner, by sublicence under the Etsy user agreement.

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Steampunk Accessories: 20 Projects to Help You Nail the Style, from Goggles to Mobile Phone Cases, Gauntlets and Jewellery (Paperback).

The 20 projects included here are easy to make and readily customised with personal details and keepsakes, they range from the everyday and accessible to the slightly more elaborate for the committed steampunker.

From the Synopsis, as published on Waterstones.

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