Steampunk Solar System Orrery Sculpture. 1

Steampunk Solar System Orrery Sculpture.

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Steampunk Solar System Orrery Sculpture.

Created by Dara-Lee Triebes of InspiringlyVintage.

A one-off, handmade orrery made using vintage beads; ceramic hand made beads, old clock gears and other parts a brass base from an old lamp, for full details see Dara-Lee’s sales page here on Etsy.

Credits and permissions.

All images credited to  Dara-Lee Triebes of InspiringlyVintage.  and are displayed here with permission granted to Etsy and us, Etsy’ affiliate partner, by sublicence under the Etsy user agreement.

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The Description and Use of the Globes, and the Orrery: To Which Is Prefixed, by Way of Introduction, a Brief Account of the Solar System.

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