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The Steampunk Professor.

The Steampunk Absent-Minded Professor Art Doll.

By Gravendecay.

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The Steampunk Absent-Minded Professor Art Doll by Gravendecay.
The Steampunk Absent-Minded Professor Art Doll by Gravendecay. *

“This Absent Minded Professor is all dressed up to go to The Steampunk World’s Fair. Now if he could only remember where it is”!

Citation: Gravendecay’s Professor.

Gravendecay has taken this friendly vintage Dorf Troll and dressed him in true steampunk style to become “The Steampunk Absent-Minded Professor “.

The Steampunk Troll Professor’s attire includes a dark suit, a steampunk top hat complete with gears, a fantastic monocle glass on a long chain, a pentagon-shaped medallion with a skull and crossbones image embossed into it, black shoes, gear charms in his wispy beard, and a pocket watch in his left hand.

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