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Upcycled Steampunk Industrial Sideboard by MadebymarleyCrafts.

Upcycled Steampunk Industrial Sideboard.

Created by MadebymarleyCrafts.

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Upcycled Steampunk Industrial Sideboard by MadebymarleyCrafts.

This steampunk style sideboard has been upcycled from what was once a vintage dresser. Now upcycled and repurposed into this beautifully decoupaged work of furniture artistry.

“The steampunk decoupage paper that has been applied has mechanical gauges and the paint has been applied with multiple layers to give it texture. It has then been aged to look like it’s been rusting and depth in the paint has been added by using dark and clear waxes this not only protects the artwork but also gives the piece an aged appearance.”. –MadebymarleyCrafts

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