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6-Cup Steampunk Design Teapot.

A 6-Cup Steampunk Design Teapot.

Created by Heron Cross Pottery/HeronsSecretAttic.

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The Herron Cross teapots are hand-made by Heron Cross Pottery using classic methods inside a grade two listed Victorian pottery mill. Individually made by hand, each steampunk-designed teapot is unique, allowing the steampunk design to fall in different places on each teapot. No two teapots are the same. 

The Steampunk-themed decoration is applied to the teapots by highly experienced lithographers, using the same skills passed down over the generations.

Iconic steampunk images illustrated on the teapot’s steampunk pattern include sculls. Skeletons, goggles, gyroscopes, insects, clocks, position bottles, steampunk top hats and more. Take a good look at the photographs and see what I have missed.

The six-cup teapot with its steampunk design will look great on the breakfast table with your other steampunk-themed crockery, and Heron Cross Pottery make mugs with the same steampunk pattern.

Could a steampunk-themed teapot be the perfect gift for a steampunk geek in your life? And for around thirty pounds or dollars, it may be the affordable yet thoughtful Steampunk Secret Santa gift you are trying to find.

The Steampunk Sniper Gun Teapot by Maisternya.

2 cup teapot in Steampunk design by Heron Cross Pottery.

Steampunk Octopus Teapot.

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