Steampunk Punch & Judy Puppets.

Steampunk Punch & Judy Puppets.

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Steampunk Punch & Judy Puppets.

Created by Tom Arnold of PuppetsByTomArnold.

Professional Mr Punch and Judy puppet for a steampunk-themed Punch and Judy show with.

They are carved in Gloucestershire by Tom Arnold and dressed in Steampunk fashion.

Full details are on Tom’s Etsy sales page.

Credits and permissions.

All images credited to Tom Arnold of PuppetsByTomArnold and are displayed here with permission granted to Etsy and us, Etsy’ affiliate partner, by sublicence under the Etsy user agreement.

More punch & Judy from PuppetsByTomArnold.

Tom Arnold also makes the traditional victorian Mr Punch and Judy puppets as well as all the other characters and accessories. Including the crocodile and the sausages.


Punch and Judy: A Short History with the Original Dialogue.

By John Payne Collier.

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