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Steampunk Themed Ouija Board.

Steampunk Themed Ouija Board.

By  Minchy Studio.

This Steampunk Ouija Board is made from birch plywood and finished with wood stain and acrylic varnish.

It comes complete with its wooden planchette.

Great for Haloween parties and family gatherings.

Have fun this Haloween and receive text messages from the beyond the grave, or uses the board for as a table decoration. It’s up to you.

Take a look for yourself.

Full details and how to buy The Steampunk Ouija Board are available here on the Etsy sales page. I dare you to take a look.

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Minchy Studio has four other Ouija Board Designs in their shop.


The Ouija Board Jurors: Mystery, Mischief and Misery in the Jury System.

By Jeremy Gans.

“The Ouija board jury incident of 1994 is one of the most disconcerting in English legal history, possibly (says the author) ‘the nadir of reported juror misbehaviour in the 20th-century’. But, as Professor Jeremy Gans shows, in an era of soundbites it has been distorted by the media whilst even eminent lawyers have sometimes got the story wrong. In this first full-length treatment he emphasises the known facts, the constitutional dilemma of investigating even bizarre jury misbehaviour and how the trial involved one of the most serious murder cases of the decade in which two people were shot in cold blood..”

Extracted from the books synopsis.

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