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Steampunk Christmas Decorations for 2022.


Steampunk Christmas Decorations for 2022.

A celebration of Steampunk Style Christmas Decorations.

This celebration of Steampunk Christmas decorations 0f 2022 is for all you Yuletide-loving Steampunks. Christmas time is an excellent time for you to adorn your Christmas spaces in the right old-fashioned steampunk style. 

In this seasonal image blog post, we share with you some tremendous handcrafted Steampunk Christmas Decorations currently on offer on Etsy.

Steampunk Snowmen Christmas Decorations.

By ArtForWellnessStudio.

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These cute lathe-turned-wooden steampunk snowman Christmas decorations come in different styles and sizes. Great for on the Christmas tree, under the Christmas tree or Christmas table decorations.

Steampunk Christmas ornament set.

By Steampunkandmetal.

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The steampunk Christmas decoration set by Steampunkandmetal consists of a steampunk submarine, a steampunk Christmas bauble decoration with gears, a little steampunk top hat decoration complete with steampunk goggles, and a steampunk snowman.

Steampunk Christmas Stocking.

By RetromancersEmporium.

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Steampunk Christmas Stocking by RetromancersEmporium.
Steampunk Christmas Stocking by RetromancersEmporium.

The Steampunk Christmas stocking Decoration by RetromancersEmporium is made with two vintage-style Christmas cotton print designs and an embroidered steampunk heart. Complete with gear wheels.

Steampunk Gingerbread Man & Women Christmas Decorations.

By TrolleyDollieDesigns.

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A hand-finished definitive felt Christmas tree ornament from Trolley Dollie Designs shaped like steampunk gingerbread people, complete with detailed steampunk costumes, including top hats with goggles.

7 Steampunk Christmas paper puppet doll decorations.

By RhondasOriginals.

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Seven Steampunk Christmas paper puppet dolls by RhondasOriginals can be used in many ways, including stand-alone Christmas decorations, paper crafts, including Christmas card making, scrapbooking, decoupage projects etc…

And this is only set one!

14 Steampunk Christmas Tree Baubles.

By ChameleonCrafted.

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14 Steampunk Christmas Tree Baubles by ChameleonCrafted.
14 Steampunk Christmas Tree Baubles by ChameleonCrafted.

Fourteen Christmas Tree Buulle decorations are handcrafted and hand-painted by ChameleonCrafted.

Complete with little gears, wheels and chains and is finished in the standard steampunk metallic colours.

Each set of Steampunk Christmas Tree Decorations is unique.

Steampunk Christmas Ornament Polymer Clay Tutorial.

By SimplyOrnaments.

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If you like the idea of making your own polymer clay ornamental steampunk Christmas decorations, you can try out this PDF tutorial by SimplyOrnaments.

You can also get all the materials by searching Etstsys Craft Supplies and Tools Category.

Handmade Steampunk Christmas Bauble Ornaments.

By BlueChamaeleon.

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Handmade Steampunk Christmas Bauble Ornaments by BlueChamaeleon.
Handmade Steampunk Christmas Bauble Ornaments by BlueChamaeleon.

And finally, we will finish this Steampunk Christmas Decorations for 2022 post with some more Steampunk Christmas Baubles for your Steampunk Christmas tree because you can not have too many Steampunk Christmas Baubles; and these are extra nice ❤️.

Originally plain Christmas Baubles, decorated by BlueChamaeleon with polymer clay, glass, gears and other metallic things, finished with acrylic paints and a coat of glossy varnish.

We hope you have enjoyed our curation of steampunk Christmas decorations as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.

The steampunk Christmas decorations featured in this article are currently available on Etsy. We have created a favourites list where you can see them all in one place here 👉 Christmas Steampunk Decorations for 2022.

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Remember, Christmas is not just for Steampunks!

There are plenty of non-steampunk Christmas decorations on Etsy too.

Like this Bethlehem shooting star nativity scene wooden LED light Christmas decoration by Laserladies3.

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Bethlehem shooting star nativity scene wooden LED light Christmas decoration by Laserladies3.

Steampunk Christmas Tree Bauble Decorations.

Glass Steampunk Styled Christmas Tree Bauble Decorations.

Steampunk Christmas Tree Bauble Decorations with Cogs & Gears.

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