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Steampunk Lamps Made In The U.S.A.

Steampunk Lamps Made In The USA.

Since it’s emergence as a thing in the late 1980s, Steampunk has lent its name to recycled, upcycled or repurposed art Couture. One very popular piece of steampunk art is the Steampunk Lamp.

Generally, the steampunk lamp is made up to give the impression that the electric filament in the Edison-style light bulb is being powered by steam or some other inventive source of energy conversion This impression is helped along with, but not always, industrial or plumbing piping and some kind of redundant pressure gauge and a valve or two. Although, as mentioned above, the steampunk lamp can be made up from any collection of objects, such as a vintage petroleum spirit can or a volt meter, for example.

Sometimes, the builder of a steampunk lamp will build it with a steampunk character or prop in mind, like a tripod fighting machine from “War Of The Worlds” or a Beastly Angle Fish with its frightening headlamp.

Why Steampunk Lamps In Anerica?

All of the Steampunk Lamps featured below are currently available on Etsy and are located in the good old U.S. of A. We have purposely curated this collection of Steampunk Lamps for our Ammerican Followers, of who you are many, as often we are informed that some steampunk stuff we share on this blog and across our social media venues, are not available in the U.S.

As a reminder to our disclosed mentioned above, Steampunk Stuff may receive a commission from any purchase made as a result of clicking through any of our links.

The collection of Steampunk Lamps Made In The USA.

And Finally.

We hope you have enjoyed our special co;;section of Steampunk Lamps Made In The USA on Etsy. We have made a special “Faverets List” with all of these wonderful Steampunk Lamps all here in one place on Etsy.

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