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Steampunk Lamps: A Short Guide To Industrial-Vintage Lighting.

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About Steampunk Lamps.

A steampunk lamp is a style of lamp that is designed to fit in with the steampunk aesthetic. They are handcrafted using readily available materials like plumbers’ metal piping and embellished with cogs, gears, valves, and other used or new pieces of gadgetry to give an industrial vintage or Victorian feel. Steampunk lamps are often paired with warm, dim lighting to create an atmosphere of old-world charm.

industrial steampunk vintage floor lamp with green lamshade
industrial steampunk vintage floor lamp with green lampshade by Tiliaindustrial. *

Building a Steampunk Lamp is a great way to use surplus materials and repurpose anything you may have at hand, like an old vintage car headlamp or an oil can. You can build around an existing lamp or buy cables, switches, lamp holders, and plugs from a DIY shop. Generally, if you can wire a plug, you can wire a free-standing lamp, but please follow all instructions and consult a qualified electrician if you have any doubts.

Industrial style coil spring lamp
Industrial-style coil spring lamps by TheResurrectionShed. *
Steam punk decor Tall lamp steampunk lighting table light with switch and pressure gauge vintage rustic office Bedroom
Steampunk decor Tall lamp steampunk lighting table light with switch and pressure gauge by SteamPunkedDecor. *
Vintage typewriter SIEMAG, lamp, Edison, table lamp UNIKAT industrial lamp steampunk
Vintage typewriter SIEMAG, Steampunk Edison table lamp by UpAndDeco. *
Antique Décor lamp Steampunk Pipe Light Indoor Hanging Rustic Pendant Light Ceiling light fixture Bar Café Diner décor metal lamp
Antique steampunk style Décor Pipe Hanging Pendant lamp Ceiling light by Retrolightdesigns. *
Redline Rustic Retro Vintage Upcycled Fuel Can Oil Can Petrol Can Handmade
Redline Rustic Retro Vintage Upcycled Fuel Can Oil Can Petrol Can Lamp by TheUnstyledHouse. *
Spider chandelier 3-15 Pendant light Industrial Lighting Industrial Chandelier pendant lighting industrial lamp Octopus chandelier
Spider/octopus chandelier 3-15 Pendant lights by Dreamlightforyou. *
Vintage Industrial Steam Pipe Punk 5 Way Over Light Indoor Ceiling Hanging Light Rustic Style Metal Pendant Light
Vintage Industrial Steam Pipe Punk 5 Way Ceiling Hanging Lamp by IndustrialMaestro. *
Steam punk wall art lighting Steampunk farmhouse decor pipe work wall shelving engine room art light e27 lamp holder
Industrial Steampunk wall art lighting by SteamPunkedDecor. *
Vintage Industrial steampunk Metal water Pipe Wall Light Lamp wall lights Fixture wall sconce Light Set
Vintage Industrial Steampunk Metal Water Pipe Wall Light by Retrolightdesigns. *
Industrial pipe Crab Steampunk table lamp, industrial decor Vintage table lamp
Industrial pipe Crab Steampunk table lamp by IndustrialMaestro. *

Steampunk lamps and industrial-styled lamps are not something easily found in your local high-street shops, but have a search online, and you will find an abundance of one-of-a-kind and built-to-order steampunk lamp design options. You might be considering steampunk pendant lighting, chandeliers, wall lights, and stand-alone steampunk lamps such as desk, table, and flaw lamps. When it comes to Steampunk Lighting, the options are vast.

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