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Steampunk Skull Spider Lamp Sculpture.

Steampunk Skull Spider Lamp Sculpture.

By SteampunkMasterUA.

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🎼🎵 Spider Lamp, Spider Lamp, friendly neighbourhood Spider Lamp... 🎶 

The Steampunk Scull Spider Lamp by Steampunk Master UA appears to be made from all kinds of stuff put together. Sorry, we cannot specify exactly what has been used in this obvious upcycling steampunk art project, as the creators appear to have catalogued this beautiful steampunk lamp in a hurry and have missed out all of the interesting information.

This being said, it is currently available for sale on our partner’s website. We are sure the steampunk skull spider lamp will look wonderful as it lights up your special place.

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Industrial Steampunk Skull Sculpture from MNInteriorAntiques.

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