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Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland Bag/Purse.

Alice in Wonderland purse Cheshire cat leather purse crossbody bag.

By Furmani.

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Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland Bag/Purse by Furmani.
Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland Bag/Purse by Furmani. *

This is a one-of-a-kind leather satchel-type cross-body handbag. Completely hand made and features the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Charoll’s so-called children’s novel, “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Or as it is more commonly known, “Alice In Wonderland.”

Unlike most other illustrations of the Cheshire Cat, this one is wearing a lovely hat that could have been made by The Mad Hatter. Who knows? And he is sporting a pocket watch on a chain, which is usually associated with another notorious Wonderland character, The White Rabbit himself.

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