The “Steampunk” Cheshire Cat Handbag.

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Alice In Wonderland’s Steampunk Cheshire Cat Handbag.

Created and sold by InGAartWork.

This dark brown leather handbag is decorated with a hand-painted design based on Luis Charoll’s Allice in Wonderland character, the notorious Cheshire Cat, but with an additional steampunk twist. 

The bag also includes a hand-scribed quote from the book on the back. As the purse is created to order, this can be changed to whatever you like really. The quote included in this version of the bag is from Alice’s first conversation with the Cheshier Cat.

“I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed a few times since then”.

Full details about the Alice In Wonderland’s Steampunk Cheshire Cat handbag can be found here on it’s Etsy shop page.

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