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Four-piece Steampunk waistcoat set.


Four-piece Steampunk waistcoat set.

From SteamPunkMastery.

Update 6th Feb 2023: Originally posted in May 2020. This original image shows gear buttons and a key on the chain that no longer appears in the current linked product’s photos.

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4-pcs-Steampunks-Black-Pinstripes-suit-fabric-Waistcoatgrey-silk-cravat-and-same-like-buttons-Tiepin-pocket-Chain from SteamPunkMastery. *

This 4-piece Waistcoat outfit has 12 brass/copper victorian style Buckles on Shoulder Details.
Cravat and tie pin.

The waistcoat has 4 Sides pocket contrasted with a brown leather look with copper gear buttons and a waist adjuster at the back.

It is fully lined.

The self-tie cravat is Grey Silk with copper Gear tie pin as buttons and copper pocket Chain are included.

The four-piece Steampunk waistcoat set from SteamPunkMastery will be a great addition to anyone’s Steampunk wardrobe.

Men’s Steampunk Jacket, Waistcoat & Shirt Outfit.

Red Military Style Steampunk Waistcoat.

Steampunk Military Army Officers uniform Jacket.

Dill Metal Steampunk Buttons
Dill Metal Steampunk Buttons from Minerva Crafts.

Dill Metal Steampunk Buttons.

Fabulous Quality Buttons from Dill. These collectable buttons are of the highest quality and will finish off any garment beautifully. Bang on trend, these fashionable buttons will add character to any garment or accessory.

Minerva Crafts.

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