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Steampunk Themed Boots from “Rock Your Sole”.

Erica, the artist behind “Rock Your Sole” says she has “always, had a keen eye for the weird and wonderful”. And that is so true when you take a look at her wonderfully decorated footwear.

In this short picture post, I am sharing with you just a sample of her creations. These boots are ideally suited for the steampunk or gothic enthusiasts with designs including skulls, bones, ravens, crows, magic, maps, Alice and some of her chums from wonderland and through the looking glass.

All of these beautiful boots and shoes are available in Erica’s Etsy shop “RockYourSole.”

Steampunk Themed Boots from “Rock Your Sole”.

Alice in wonderland platform boots.

Knee-high Platform with skull raven and spiders.

Steampunk shoe boots with skulls and roses.

Steampunk (nevermore) Raven Boot shoes.

Knee High Steampunk Skull Costume Boots.

Mens Gothic Steampunk Boots with Skulls and Scrolls.

Venus Flytrap Steampunk or Goth Platform Boots in red goth pastel.

Alice in Wonderland Boot Shoes. Original, steampunk shoes.

All images credited to RockYourSole  and are displayed here with permission granted to Etsy and us, Etsy’ affiliate partner, by sublicence under the Etsy user agreement.

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