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Steampunk Mastery make great military costumes.

Great steampunk military costumes and sundries from Steampunk Mastery.

Steampunk Mastery on Etsy makes some of the nicest steampunk military uniform costume pieces around. Everything is handmade to order.

For example, this four-piece Military Officer ceremonial heavy cotton jacket with antique Gold braids with a red Contrast and trims at the chest and cuffs; The jacket also has brass buttons & Distressed copper shoulder accessories. The waist Belt. Included, has a metal antique look buckle.

But this isn’t all. Steampunk Mastery has over three hundred steampunk fashion, dress-up, cosplay, and costume products in their Etsy shop right now! Here are just some of them.

Hope you have enjoyed our little introduction to Steampunk Mastery’s Etsy shop. Please refer to the individual shop listing page for full details on everything shown.

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