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Steampunk Tinkerbell Fairy Costume.

Light the night and win that pirate fight with Silver Leaf’s Steampunk Tinkerbell costume! This pixie-perfect outfit features a lace chemise, gold and bronze corset, a matching boho vest, and a green wild west skirt with the high-low hem and ruffles galore! To really take Tinkerbell to the next level, we’ve added a tapestry purse and goggles with extra steampunk flair.

From Tinkerbell, Steampunk Tinkerbell, Costume- by SilverLeafCostumes.

Steampunk Tinkerbell Fairy Costume.

By SilverLeafCostumes.

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Be the Steampunk Fairy who helped defeat Dredded Steampunk-Pirate, Captain Hook. With the pantomime season coming up, this blend of renaissance and Victorian costumes with added elements of Steampunk will wile your audiences or fellow cosplay matys.

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Steampunk Tinkerbell Fairy Costume by SilverLeafCostumes.
Steampunk Tinkerbell Fairy Costume by SilverLeafCostumes.

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