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Pirates of The Caribbean Commander Frock Coat Uniform.

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Walt Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean Commander Frock Coat.

Gothic Military Admiral General Officers Overcoat, Admiral Hussar Jacket.

Created by JUdesignsGB.

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From the makers.

“Walt Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean Commander Frock Coat.

Worn by the character known as Commander in the film Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl. Very beautifully made coat with a ton gold lace braid embroidered throughout the entire jacket. The jacket comes as a set with a coat and vest…”

A passage quoted from JUdesignsGB’s original shop listing.

Please read the complete description here.

More from JUdesignsGB.

Napoleonic Hussars Uniform Military Style Tunic Pelisse Jimi Hendrix Jacket, jimmy Hendrix jacket, Hendrix jacket heavy braid work.

Men’s admiral coat for an admiral from the period 1795-1812, British war jacket, civil war jacket, Vest is not included in price.

Men’s Steampunk Military Gothic Coat Style Officer Hussar Jacket from JUdesignGB.

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