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Steampunk Top Hat Leather Fascinator.

Top hat, steampunk style, mini leather top hat. Unique, handmade mini top hat, Steampunk design, costume hat, headpiece, unique hat.

By MadameMagpieByBea.

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The Steampunk Top Hat Leather Fascinator by MadameMagpieByBea is a mini steampunk top hat held in place to the head, usually with clips or pins.

This Steampunk Leather top hat has been decorated in great detail with a metal buckle, Ribbon band, Clock parts, Metal chain, Black feathers, peacock feathers, and a metal spike.

An amazing piece of steampunk accessory, ideal for a steampunk wedding.

MadameMagpieByBea also has some cool Steampunk Jewellery.

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