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The Steampunk Festival Tophat with pocket Watch & Goggles by Mad4Hats.

The Steampunk Festival Tophat with pocket Watch & Goggles.

Created by Mad4Hats.

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Made by Elaine Davies, the gorgeous handcrafted fully lined Steampunk Victorian top hat is made from one per cent brown wool felt. Brown and gold steampunk goggles are around the centre of the hat with clock wheels, cogs and gears within one of the google lenses. The black lace ribbon is tied into a bow at the back and then trails down. Black lace is also used around the middle of the hat with three tall black feathers at back. Beige, orange, red and brown rooster feathers are at the side along with two hatpins adorning pearls, beads and a brass padlock charm. A gold satin ribbon bow is under hatpins & A vintage dip pen sits on the other side of the steampunk top hat. A real pocket watch hangs in front with a chain hanging over top of the steampunk top hat.

Wear this one-of-a-kind steampunk top hat, if you wish to stand out, at your next steampunk cosplay festival event!

A true statement piece by Elaine Davies of Mad4Hats.

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