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Introducing: The Bold and Striking Steampunk Industrial Lamp by IlluminariumByGuy.


Steampunk industrial lamp.

created by IlluminariumByGuy.

Steampunk industrial lamp by IlluminariumByGuy
Photo credits IlluminariumByGuy *

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This handmade industrial-style lamp from IlluminariumByGuy is not just a piece of decor, it’s a statement. Tested and complete with an E27 filament bulb, it provides warm and cozy lighting. The 3-core fabric cable and 3 amp fuse ensure safety and durability. The aged brass fittings add a touch of vintage charm to your space.

Steampunk industrial lamp by IlluminariumByGuy
Steampunk industrial lamp by IlluminariumByGuy

This lamp is very unusual in that the long filament bulb has been arranged in a horizontal position, creating a unique ‘confrontational feeling’ that adds a bold and striking element to your space.

Do you have room in your personal space for this spectacular piece of luminary art?

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