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Just a quick note on the goodies I share on Facebook and Social Media.

Hi Everyone.

I want to remind you all that I am a shopping blogger and influencer. I love to share steampunk related stuff with you all. However, I do not sell any products of my own.

A lot of what I share is available for sale from third-party marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon. I have a special relationship with them, known as an affiliate partnership or association. As part of that relationship, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

When I post about a product, I include links to a blog page or articles that feature’s that product. Or I may also include an affiliate link directly to a sales page on one of my partner’s websites. Disclosure of my affiliate association’s is incorporated in my articles and blog pages throughout my websites.

Facebook Posts, and other social media publishing, from me, that contain direct affiliate links to a partners site have #ad (for advertisement) or #sponsered included in the post text. Either near the top or close to the link itself.

Once again, please I not sell anything myself.

Please, click here to see all the great Steampunk Stuff that I do not sell.

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