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Steampunk Computer Desk Made from Harmonium.

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A one-of-a-kind Steampunk desk made from a musical instrument called a harmonium.

By H Georg Thieme of HerbysCreativeShop.

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Steampunk Computer Desk Made from Harmonium by H Georg Thieme of HerbysCreativeShop.
The Steampunk Computer Desk is made from Harmonium by H Georg Thieme of HerbysCreativeShop.

Initially, the available source information for this piece of functional art furniture that was written in German did not translate automatically, and Google Translate was not much help. However, H Georg Thieme has contacted us today (27-12-2023) via the comments section below to tell us he has updated his shop listing to include an English translation as follows:

Custom made.
Steampunk desk made from a harmonium.
This is the creative conversion of a fully mechanical harmonium transfer into a contemporary computer desk.
With integrated sound system, printer and USB. The Registers are partially electrified and prepared to turn on computers, lights and other things.
Each of my desks is custom-made and can be further modified as desired.

H Georg Thieme.

As you can see from the photo, the harmonium computer desk is a pretty cool-looking creation.

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What is a harmonium?

A harmonium is a keyboard instrument that produces sound by blowing air through metal reeds. It is similar in appearance to a small organ and is often used in Indian classical music and in some Christian, Jewish, and Islamic worship services. The harmonium is played by pumping a foot pedal or using bellows to force air through the instrument while the player presses the keys to produce different notes. The instrument has a distinctive sound, often described as warm, rich, and full-bodied, making it a popular choice for musicians who want to add a unique touch to their compositions.

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Hello i am H Georg Thieme of HerbysCreativeShop.
Thank you for promoting my desk. I added a english translation onto my items

Hello H Georg Thieme.
You are welcome, and thank you for your comment.
I have updated this blog post to include the new information.

Wishing you a happy new year and all the best for 2024.
Johnny Steampunk.

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