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Steampunk Apothecary Belt Pouch with Vials.

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The Apothecary was a person who worked in a pharmacy in the past. They would prepare and sell medicines and also give advice on how to use them. The Apothecary would often create their remedies and cures using a variety of natural ingredients. They played an essential role in healthcare before the modern pharmaceutical industry developed.

Steampunk Apothecary Belt Pouch with Vials.

Created by SteampunkCorporation.

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From the creators.

“For the moments on an adventure when you need to add something to your convivial repast to enhance or disguise the taste of the strange and wonderful fruits and meats discovered on your wild wanderings, this apothecary pouch will store all the herbs and spices you require. Also useful for storing medicinal compounds essential to your wellbeing!

This bag has four clear acrylic vials with corks and are refillable with the contents of your own choosing and are removable for use. Vials are clear acrylic for safety and include corks to keep the contents safe whilst wearing. Also included is a key that has a chain keeper so that it remains safely attached to the bag…”

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Art Nuvo Styled Apothecary Bottle By Mishelflos.

Dragon’s Blood (Magic Potion) Apothecary Bottle.

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