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Steampunk Death’s-head hawkmoth Glass Jar.

Steampunk Death’s-head hawkmoth Glass Jar.

By JarOfLooseScrews.

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Steampunk Death's-head hawkmoth Glass Jar by JarOfLooseScrews.
Steampunk Death’s-head hawkmoth Glass Jar by JarOfLooseScrews. *

This lovely glass jar, by JarOfLooseScrews, has been beautifully embellished with steampunk elements, including Keys, Keyholes, and of course, the steampunk Death’s-head hawkmoth. The glass jar, or pot, has been finished in a beautiful metallic blue colour with golden highlighted areas, giving it a not-to-different: Steampunk and gothic alternative to Wedgewood’s Jasperware fashion.

The Steampunk gothic glass jar is ideal for storing all kinds of things, including your keys.

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