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Steampunk Lamp “Batisfera” Submarine Diving Bell.

Steampunk Lamp "Batisfera" Submarine Diving Bell. feather

Steampunk Lamp “Batisfera” Submarine Diving Bell.

Created and sold by Valery of The Time On The Wall.

Valery has based his tribute to The Bathysphere diving bell on the Victorian. Steampunk aesthetics. Although the real artefact was designed in the 1920s and the first model was built and put to use in 1932. And actually fits in with the Dieselpunk world as well.

The name Bathysphere is made up of two Greek words “bathus” meaning deep and “sphaira” meaning sphere.

The steampunk lamp is made up of wood, brass, copper and glass, also doubles up as a trinket box. The pressure gauge is a usable USB data storage drive.

The Bathysphere, Cutesy of  Wikipedia.

The 12v LED lamps are powered from a 240v powerplay that is housed in a separate unit that complements the light.

For more details on The Steampunk Lamp “Batisfera” Submarine Diving Bell. Visit Valery’s shop page here.

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