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Steampunk PC keyboard “classic.”

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steampunk PC keyboard "classic"
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  1
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  3 pc
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  4 pc
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  5 pc
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  6 pc
steampunk PC keyboard "classic"  7

Steampunk PC keyboard “classic”.

Created and sold by steampunkable.

“A real retro steampunk styled keyboard.

Based on a brilliant chassis, much like a classic IBM. this keyboard has been fully converted to a retro steampunk style

Keypads with my own font in classic English. The chassis is covered in a vintage-styled vinyl with brass end plates

Its strong, heavy and a dream to use. Tough is an understatement when it comes to this unit.

Large palm rest built-in…”

Extracts from steampunkable‘s original shop listing.

See inshore for full details.

All images credited to steampunkable and are displayed here with permission granted to Etsy and us, Etsy’ affiliate partner, by sublicence under the Etsy user agreement.

More Keyboards and other steampunk tec from steampunkable.

Steampunk Keyboards on Amazon.

AZIO, Retro Classic, R.C., ARTISAN mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard, vintage look with United Kingdom Layout.

E-Yooso Z-88 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Vintage Typewriter-Style with Replaceable Mechanical Red Switch, RGB Backlit, Compact Keyboard 81 Keys (Red Switch Black)

AZIO, Retro Compact Keyboard, R.C.K. ELWOOD, mechanical mobile Bluetooth keyboard with matching palm rest, vintage look, United Kingdom layout.

Retro Style Typewriter Keyboard, Led Backlit Round Key Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard with Tactile Brown Switch,K-600 Black (US-Layout).

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