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Fairytale Airship Original Steampunk Oil Painting.

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Cloud Sailing .

An original oil painting of a steampunk fairytale airship by FainaLorah.

“Man has been attempting to conquer the sea for thousands of years. Discovering new places and resources has been one of the main motivations for this way of travel. However, people have also found travel by air to be very useful. Planes have made travel convenient and quick, but they have removed any sense of adventure. Cloud Sailing hopes to bring travel by air and sea together in a beautiful relationship. Imagine a world where you could explore the sea, but at any moment you could fly up into the sky.”

“This is an original oil painting on hardboard.

Measurements: 14″x 18″

Includes a rustic 2″ barnwood frame.

Hardware installed, so it is ready to hang! “…

Excepts from Faina Lorah’s shop listing.

See in store for full details.

More steampunk paintings by Faina Lorah.

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