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Victorian Antique 1890s Couture House Of Rouff Mourning Dress.

Victorian Antique 1890s Couture House Of Rouff Mourning Dress.


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“A sensational piece of late Victorian couture by a renowned maker with several pieces in museums collections around the world.

Two pieces, in raven black silk with a glossy satin finish, woven with an all-over design of small clover leaves that reflect the light.

The bodice is made with a plain silk shell, fitted and boned, fastening at centre front with hooks. Over this the clover silk layer is open fronted, pleated vertically from the waist, forming square tabs that descend slightly below the waistline. The front and back are decorated with floral appliqué, roses and elaborate ribbon garlands. At the back, the appliqué continues up onto the tall collar. The bodice hem is piped, dipping to shallow points front and back. The sleeves are full at the shoulder, cut extra long to be worn gathered, with more appliqué at the shoulder and fitted curved cuffs, with lace frill and button and loop fastenings.

The full skirt is flat fronted and A-line, pleated in the back for fullness, with a short train. At the front vertical self-fabric bands run down each side, bound at the edges, finishing in points, with the same running around the skirt hem. Where the two bands meet and overlap there is more of the floral applique.

The skirt hem is finished with a sturdy cord. Inside the bodice, the makers mark reads ‘ Rouff 13 Bd Haussman Paris…” [Read more.]


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