Victorian Steampunk Bathing Costume.

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Victorian Steampunk Bathing Costume.

Created and sold by FiorentinaCostuming.

This bathing costume swimsuit is not just the perfect beachwear for the modern, modist, and sensable, It also quite comfortable for wandering around your favourite steampunk festival on a warm day.

Full details of this blue cotton steampunk bathing costume can be found here on it’s Etsy sales page.

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Karnival Costumes 81346 Red Bathing Suit Costume, Women, Extra Large (Toy)

List Price: £22.26
New From: £22.26 In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock


Naughty Victorians and Edwardians: Early Images of Bathing Beauties.

By Mary L. Martin  & Tina Skinner.

Victorian bathing costunes on Amazon U.K.


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