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Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume.

Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume 24″ Waist.

From marybethhale.

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Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume 24" Waist.
Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume 24" Waist from marybethhale.
Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume 24″ Waist from marybethhale. *

Look the part in this authentic swimming costume from the nineteenth century.

This Victorian 1890s cotton two-piece sailer-style swimming/bathing costume has puffed sleves and includes a separate skirt. Some wear ant tear as expected considering the age of this lovely garment. Full details here on the shop page.

Could you see yourself in this Victorian 1890s Bathing Costume at this summer’s events. Especially those vintage and steampunk parties on the beach.

Steampunk Victorian Bathing Costume Swimsuit.

Lottie Edwardian Bathing Suit by Recollections Dresses.

Victorian Ladies Steampunk Outfit.

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